We Declare a Climate Emergency

We have just one world, and we need to take care of it. We understand and witness daily the importance of our environment, and the havoc that climate change can wrought. We know that tourism can have a negative effect, and we have witnessed the rush of uncaring tourists into some of our most beautiful cities, leaving them impacted for the worse. We are aware that tourism is also contributing to the climate crisis: in particular, the CO2 emissions from flights and over-tourism have a negative effect on our world and on the places that we hold dear.

But we believe that tourism can have a hugely positive impact. With care and consideration, conscious tourism can help develop and support local communities, allow cultures to be maintained and educate and inform those who travel.

Because we care, we’ve decided to sign up to Tourism Declares, an initiative that supports tourism businesses, organisations and individuals who care in declaring a climate emergency and encourages them to take purposeful action to reduce their carbon emissions as per the advice from The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to cut global carbon emissions to 55% below 2017 levels by 2030. 

Like all signatories, we have committed to the following five actions:

1. Develop a ‘Climate Emergency Plan’ within the next 12 months, which sets out our intentions to reduce carbon emissions over the next decade.

This Plan will include:

2. Share an initial public declaration of our ‘Climate Emergency Plan’, and update on progress each year.

3. Accept current IPCC advice stating the need to cut global carbon emissions to 55% below 2017 levels by 2030 in order to keep the planet within 1.5 degrees of warming.

4. Encourage our suppliers and partners to make the same declaration; sharing best practice amongst peers; and actively participate in the Tourism Declares community

5. Advocate for change.

We founded Commendable Rentals because we fell in love with the very diverse and different regions of the planet, because we were moved by the people, the landscapes and the regional specificities we found each time we traveled through the world and set up a home.

Follow and share our initiative; we commit to updating on our progress annually!

European Holiday Rental Professionals Seminar hosted VRMA

Susan Doull, Commendable Rentals founder, is to speak at the inaugural European Holiday Rental Professionals Seminar hosted by the Vacation Rental Managers Association

Susan has been selected to speak at the upcoming inaugural Holiday Rental Professionals Seminar hosted by the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA), 4-5 December 2012 at the Barceló Atenea Mar Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. “The holiday rental industry is evolving, and this event will bring together, for the first time, holiday rental professionals from across Europe and beyond who are at the leading edge of the industry,” Susan said. “It is an honour to have been selected to speak at this event, and I look forward to sharing the experiences that we’ve had at Commendable Rentals ". 

There will also be sessions by noted industry figures, Javier Delgado Muerza of Google Travel on “Internet & the Digital Era” and by Jordi Schoenenberger of Deloitte on the outlook of the European travel industry. Concurrent session speakers from a half-dozen countries will cover a variety of other subjects. The event promises to offer un-matched business and educational tools to help vacation rental managers deliver superior guest and homeowner experienceA committee of industry leaders from around the globe selected her because of her expertise in the vacation rentals industry. Susan, who has been in the tourism, hospitality, and the holiday rental industry for 25 years, will present a session entitled, “Dealing with Complaints in the Age of Internet Reviews”. This session will focus on the practical issues involved in both avoiding, and responding to, complaints.


To learn more or to register for the 2012 Holiday Rental Professionals Seminar, visit www.vrma.com.


About Susan Doull 

ABOUT Commendable Rentals : Created in 2005 to market internationally, privately-owned attractive properties in Italy, Commendable Rentals’ has grown consistently ever since. That growth has been almost entirely due to word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied owners and from happy travellers. In 2010, the company began to include a limited number of boutique hotels and lodges which it considers complimentary to its rental properties. Today, Commendable Rentals markets some 50 properties in Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the USA and South Africa, all of which have been visited. Commendable Rentals only deals with properties of character in both major cities and rural areas, provides a up to date marketing effort for the owners of the properties, and seeks to develop long term relationships with the renters of the properties.



ABOUT VRMA: Founded in 1985, the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) is an international, professional trade association of the vacation rental property management and hospitality industries. Membership includes hundreds of professional holiday rental manager and supplier members representing tens of thousands of holiday rentals. 

For more information on the conference visit www.vrma.com or contact Jill Curtis, Director of Membership in the U.S. by phone at +1 (317) 454-8315 or email membership@vrma.com.



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