Here Are the Best Tricks to Help You Pack Light for Europe

Holiday hat and dress. Ready set for packing light for Europe

Are you traveling to Europe soon? If so, there are a few things you need to know! The Old Continent is a playground for history buffs and adventurous travelers. Each country is close to one another, so it’s easy to hop around. That’s why traveling light is a must! Ditch the heavy suitcase and let us help you pack light for Europe. Read on to learn our packing tips and tricks, including how to plan your outfit and match the style of your destination!

What You Need to Do If You Want to Pack Light for Europe


Know Your Destination’s Style

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of packing, there’s one golden rule you should follow. Get familiar with your destination! It may sound obvious, but this is the key to packing the best and most practical suitcase for your vacation. Europe is small compared to the United States, but it’s incredibly diverse, and what goes for one country doesn’t necessarily apply to another.

Consider this: Are you going to the city or to the countryside? Are you visiting France, Italy, or Austria? Narrowing down to the exact location will help you choose your clothing items more easily and diligently. Instead of looking like a tourist, know the code on what to wear and blend in!


Plan Your Outfits

Once you have a better idea of the destination you’re packing for, it’s time to choose your outfits. You’ll notice that you can create a lot more space in your suitcase when you plan your outfits in advance! Instead of grabbing the items you love the most, sit down and think about what you’re going to do once you’re in Europe. Are you going to walk a lot? Are you going to go out at night? How often will you really wear an item? Coordinate your looks for the whole trip and try to reuse items as much as you can. We recommend taking pictures of your outfits so that you remember what goes with what!

Packing Hacks

Here are three great ideas to help you pack light and smart.

  1. Buy Toiletries Onsite

There are many local supermarkets throughout Europe that sell good shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, shower gel, etc. You won’t believe the space you save by skipping on these items while packing! You also won’t be at risk of any inconvenient leaks during the flight.

In France, for example, you’ll find parapharmacies (a combo between a pharmacy and a beauty bar.) There aren’t medications here, but you can buy high-level dermocosmetics. And, all of these stores are managed by doctors. A parapharmacie is a great place to find products that French people use in their daily lives.

  1. Don’t Take More Than Three Pairs of Shoes

Shoes take up a lot of space, and you likely won’t wear them all. Bring a pair of comfortable sneakers for walking, sandals or flip flops if you’re going to the beach, and a pair of dress-up shoes for a night out.

  1. Wear Your Bulkiest Items On the Plane

It’s always a good idea to bring a scarf with you; Europeans wear them all the time. Keep it with you on the plane, and bring a cozy sweater that you might need for cool evenings. You might also want to wear the heaviest shoes you’re bringing. Sneakers are a good choice to help save space.


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